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WATCH: American woman threatens to call cops when South Africans light a braai

Upset about the possibility of starting a fire, an irate woman tells the South African men at a braai to “go to McDonald’s".

Imagine being screamed at for something that South Africans do every day.

This crazy scenario played out when a woman, who seemed to be American, started yelling at a group of South African men for lighting a braai.

“Go to f***ing McDonald’s,” the woman screams at the men.

She complains to them about being awake until 3am trying to put out a fire.

The men try to calm her down and explain that they had also been fighting fires.

“We’ve got this under control,” one man says.

She then tells them that they must put out the flames when a fire starts at her house, before saying she’s going to call the police.

“That’s ridiculous, people. Get real!” she screams as she climbs into her car.

Watch: US woman screams at South Africans for having a braai

@onlywithstephen Someone call the US embassy???? #karen ♬ original sound – STEVE

The video was posted on TikTok five days ago. It had the caption: “Someone call the US embassy”.

It’s unclear where it was taken, but firefighters were battling blazes in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, earlier this week.

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South Africans laugh on social media

South Africans were quick to make jokes in the comment section.

“Police gonna ask her ‘now what must we do know huh’,” said Skylar.

“I’m sure she dialled 911 instead of 10111,” commented Ashley.

“I love this… did she come as the main speaker for the Karen conference in SA?” asked Conrad Moonsamy.

“Call the police… let me know how far you get,” said Nicole Robertson.

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