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Kids in the kitchen

It is not a bad idea to get your children involved in the kitchen!

Young adults get some sort of spastic attack and blank expression on their face when asked to cook a meal.

Thanks to ready prepared meals, most young people have no desire to spend hours in the kitchen to whip up a delicious, inspiring dish for their guests.

However, after seeing the talent and skills from the young chefs in Hirsch’s and Defy Junior Superchef competition as well as the Fine Young Cooks Awards at Coastal Living Bru Food and Wine Exhibition, this might be changing one meal at a time.

Award winning chef and owner of Harvey’s Restaurant, Andrew Draper, has frequently judged the Hirsch’s and Defy Junior Superchef competitions taken place around KwaZulu-Natal, culminating in the finals in the regional cook-off that took place at the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show on July 3.

He said he has been blown away by the confidence the children have in the kitchen.

“They are streaks ahead of my generation at the same age! From portion size, to balance of flavours, they really wowed us,” said Draper.

He was also impressed with the humbleness of the children.

“It says a lot about the way they have been brought up. We can tell immediately how involved parents are with their children on a day to day basis. It is a passion and a way of life. We see glimpses of this passion with all the children that we have watched putting together amazing dishes in these pop-up kitchens.”

Students of the Coastal Living Bru Food and Wine Exhibition judge and the managing principal at the International Hotel School, Geneé Griffiths, were an integral part of the competition as they helped contestants put their dishes together.

Geneé explained that being in the catering industry is a tough career.

“The chef is the unsung hero in the restaurant business,” said Griffiths.

Previously South African Masterchef contestant and current owner of a successful catering business, Joani Mitchell, was also one of the KZN Hirsch’s and Defy and Coastal Living Bru competition judges and was impressed by the boys stepping up to the girls in the kitchen.

“I love the fact that more boys are becoming interested in taking up cooking on a serious level. I often get approached by boys wanting to know more about how to get involved in the catering industry when I’m doing an outside function.”

So maybe in a few years time, those young men and women who put in the hours in the kitchen will not be afraid to take up a spatula when asked to do so.

One of the International Hotel School students with Fine Young Cooks contestant Matthew Wocke showing off their dish.
One of the International Hotel School students with Fine Young Cooks contestant Matthew Wocke showing off their dish.

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