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Ballito to remove barricades but will continue to man observation posts and patrol town

Police and KDM will meet with the GBOC on Monday to review the situation and potentially amend arrangements.

The Greater Ballito Operations Committee (GBOC) have agreed to remove the barricades at the entry points into town but will not relent in their efforts to protect the area.

At a meeting this afternoon between Saps, KwaDukuza municipality, retailers, the Ballito Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the GBOC it was agreed that the roadblocks would be changed to ‘observation points’.

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Warwick Chapman and Mark Whitehead of the GBOC said the ‘observation posts’ would continue to be manned by volunteers.

“As the crisis continues to de-escalate it is necessary that we align our contribution to the security effort accordingly.

“That means as things calm down, we can transfer management of the security operation to the legally mandated authorities,” said Chapman.

At the meeting it was decided that:

• Physical impediments must be moved in order to allow for the free flow of traffic – this means that vehicles are no longer allowed to be stopped, nor may drivers be questioned.

• Checkpoints would continue to be manned, within the provisions of the law for community policing forums and neighborhood watch bodies.

• Licensed firearms are allowed, but must be concealed as per the Firearms Control Act.

• All those who assist in patrols are required to wear CPF vests.

• The agreement saw Saps and KDM also commit to providing a number of additional vehicles and personnel.

Police and KDM will meet with the GBOC on Monday to review the situation and potentially amend these arrangements.

GBOC continue to call for volunteers to assist with patrols and observation points.

Sign up for shifts here: https://forms.gle/9ETyobBpZNnZ2QGg6

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