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Dashcams hold multiple benefits

When buying a dashcam, it's important to look for good video quality, with high-definition (720p or 1 080p) being the standard.

Dashcams inside vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as they serve, among other benefits, as a possible lifesaver when it comes to crime and also for insurance claims.

Many companies also use them to monitor their drivers.

The purpose of a dashcam is to record everything that happens on the road and inside the vehicle.

They have various uses and are widely used all over the world.

These cameras are affordable and packed with features. They can easily be connected to other onboard technology such as recorders and GPS devices.

East End Customs’ Rowan Naidoo sells dashcams and he says both regular motorists and corporations buy them.

The prices of dashcams can vary from R750 to R3 500 for the average person, but there are more expensive options available with additional features.

It is essential to stress the importance of proper installation and quality.

One advantage of dashcams is that they are versatile and can be used in different vehicles without needing to buy additional ones. With proper care, a dashcam can last up to three years.

Outsurance chief client relations officer Natasha Kawulesar highlighted the benefits of having a dashcam installed, especially during insurance claims where there might be disputes about an accident.

Clients with dashcams may also receive a premium benefit.

Regarding privacy concerns, the Arrive Alive website states that as long as the video remains with the car and isn’t transmitted elsewhere, it should not be a problem.

Most dashcams use a memory card that records videos in a loop, so only the last few hours or days are available, depending on the memory card’s size.

When buying a dashcam, it’s important to look for good video quality, with high-definition (720p or 1 080p) being the standard.

Discreteness is also crucial, meaning the camera should be small and mountable behind the rearview mirror, preferably in black to blend in.

Reliability is vital, so it’s wise to check for references and testimonials from other users to avoid defective cameras.

Some dashcams offer additional safety features such as speed camera warnings, lane diversion warnings, and following distance alerts, especially in higher-end models.

Dashcams can also be used for leisure, making them a great investment for people who enjoy road trips and want to preserve their cherished memories.

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