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Denied a chance to be world champ

However national body building president, Wayne Price, maintained Cele was well aware of the IFBB SA rules.

A confusing set of rules is going to deprive a Sheffield builder from a chance of competing at the world bodybuilding championship in Dubai after winning the International Federation of Body Building SA championships.

Bayanda Cele won the championships early this month in Gauteng and automatically qualified for the world championships. However, his excitement was quickly dashed when he was told that he could not go the world championships because he was not “loyal” to the federation.

“I was told that to be able to qualify for the world championships, I must not compete in other federations. I wonder why I was not told before I even started competing?” asked Cele.

He was told that if he stays loyal to his federation, he would get a chance in the world championships next year.

However national body building president, Wayne Price, maintained Cele was well aware of the IFBB SA rules.

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“Should he win, I am sure he will be able to compete at the world championships. For this year, we could not allow him to go, because the rules prevent us from doing so,” said Price.

Cele said the passion for bodybuilding began at the age of five and at that time he was still staying at the dusty street of Embo, a rural area near Hillcrest.

“I was always interested in anything that shows muscles and at the age of 12 I started lifting the weights with the older boys at a small backyard gym. The funny thing is that I remember how determined and disciplined I was. I would go out to play with my friends but at 4pm, I knew that I had to be a the gym. At that time I did not even know what I was doing, I just enjoyed lifting weights,” said Cele.

He was introduced to bodybuilding by friends when he was at Hillcrest High School. As the bug bit he devoured bodybuilding magazines and DVD’s.

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“I was inspired by Marius Dohne and I remember when I got to meet him at one of the competitions in 2008, he shook my hand and I was so happy. I decided there that I was going to enter the next competition,” said Cele.

He later got to know his idol and in 2016, had the opportunity to work with him.

“This was the highlight of my career so far.”

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