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Families of slain cops speak out

The families of the three officers who died while on duty speak about what life has been like since their deaths.

EMOTIONS ran high at Greenwood Park SAPS’s wall of remembrance unveiling ceremony last week. 
In 10 years, 17 officers have died, 14 of natural causes and three while on duty. 

To pay tribute to these officer, the station has erected a wall of remembrance in honour of each officer. 

At the unveiling ceremony, family members had the opportunity to lay wreaths in memory of their loved ones. 
Northglen News caught up with the family of the three officers who died while on duty. 

Constable Sivan Naidoo

IT’S been almost six years since Silvie Naidoo got a call that changed the course of her life. 
Silvie, Sivan’s mother, said her son was 32 years old when he was called out to a domestic dispute at a local informal settlement. 

“When he got there one of the people involved in the fight bit him and hit him over the head with a bottle. He was rushed to eThekwini Hospital where he died of cardiac arrest a few days later,” she said. 
For the mother of three it was, and still is, tough to get over the death of her son and said her youngest son also died of a similar cause recently. 

“It’s been very tough for me. I can never forget them. I think of them all the time. Sivan served his community, it’s so sad that he had to go that way. He was a wonderful man,” Silvie added. 

Sergeant Bucksey Patel

FOUR years ago Sgt Patel stopped a reckless driver on Umgeni Road

According to Lt Elvis Naidoo, spokesman for Greenwood Park SAPS, Sgt Patel climbed out his car to confront the reckless driver when a taxi hit him. He died five days later in hospital. 

After the accident, police officers found out that the car Sgt Patel had stopped was another officer who was on his way to a crime scene. 

“Sgt Patel was a very dedicated policeman and he was a family man. He was very popular among his fellow officers, he was hands on and had a great sense of humour. His death was a great shock to his colleagues and a big loss. Since his death his wife has moved overseas and could not make the memorial service,” Lt Naidoo added. 

Captain Basil Naidoo

CAPTAIN Basil Naidoo’s death on Friday, 14 March 2014 has left a massive void in the lives of his family. 
Capt Naidoo was shot dead during an armed robbery attempt at a complex on Riverside Road. Two suspects confronted the owner of one of the units after he opened the door to let his cats out. 

The suspects also assaulted a gardener who was sweeping the driveway at the time, they then tied him up alongside the owner of the house.

The brazen duo then confronted the owner’s wife who was asleep and hit her over the head with the butt of a gun. She managed to free herself and call 10111, the police emergency line.

The robbers ransacked the house and were piling items into the owner’s car when they were confronted by Capt Naidoo.

A shootout ensued and one of the suspects was shot dead. Capt Naidoo died of a fatal gun shot wound to the head. 

Captain Naidoo’s wife, Charmaine, said his death has left a huge void in their lives: “He was a hero to me , my girls and my family, including the community. My life and my girls’ lives have really made an unexpected round about turn. It’s been really, really difficult to come to terms with this huge loss. I still get up every morning thinking Basil is coming back. He’s just gone away for the weekend or so. Life is really difficult without him. We are just taking one day at a time. Everyday is worse than the day before. People say time will heal. I am really not 

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