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7 facts facts on uMhlanga’s Hawaan Forest

Read up on some of the fascinating facts of the Hawaan Forest - located in the backyard of uMhlanga.

The Hawaan Forest is reportedly the last of its kind in the KZN coast and in light of the recent dumping scandal the site’s rarity and importance has never been more prominent.

  • The forest hosts about 100 tree species – more than the entire area of Europe.
  • It has been protected since 1860.
  • It is considered one of the best birding sites on the North Coast.
  • The site was originally owned by the Campbell family, who first settled there in 1859.
  • This forest grows on a dune that dates back 18,000 years.
  • It’s been suggested that the name stems from indentured Indian labourers, who used the forest for religious Hindu ceremonies, particularly those associated with Havan.
  • It spans 55 hectares.
  • Hikes are done only by guides and be arranged for Saturdays at 8am. Bookings are essential: 031 566 4018.

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