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Sandile nabs hijacking suspect in uMhlanga

Local security guard says hijacker tried to bribe him with R1 000.

SANDILE Msebenzi began his shift on Monday night last week as he normally does, patrolling Izinga Ridge in uMhlanga on the lookout for criminals. Little did he know, just a few hours into his shift, he would be involved in the arrest of a hijacker who had tried to bribe him. The incident occurred last Monday and was captured on CCTV footage as the hijacker lost control of the car, a VW Golf, and careened out of control, smashing into a residential property on Herald Drive.

The suspect then abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. He was later arrested on Portland Drive by the 31-year-old Enforce Security officer.

“The complainant said he was hijacked by four men outside McDonald’s in uMhlanga. He felt someone drive into his bumper, which caused him to stop and get out of his vehicle to confront the driver. One of the suspects then pushed the driver away before attempting to make off with his car. I have a feeling he didn’t know the area well, because he ended up driving through the new development, which ends in a dead end.

“In his haste, he drove back at such a speed, lost control of his car and smashed into the wall and fled the scene. When I came across him, I spotted blood patches on his clothes, he refused to stop or answer any questions. I realised he was the guy I was looking for. When I attempted to arrest him, he offered to pay me R1 000. But I refused and detained him,” Sandile explained.

Msebenzi said his job was to protect the community and nobody could sway him from his duty.

“I just couldn’t believe he was offering me money. I refused immediately. Whatever it takes to protect the local community, I will do – no criminal will stop me,” he said.

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