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7 easy ways to recycle water around your house

Water recycling is an effective approach to conserve water and minimise on water expenses.There are various applicable home water recycling methods which can be implemented.

WATER is a precious resource which costs money to be treated for home consumption and costs the consumer money in water bills.

Water recycling has proven to be a socially, environmentally and economically viable solution to help utilise water more efficiently. How best can water be recycled around your house?

Save pasta water

Next time you’re making a pot of pasta, don’t dump all of that precious water down the drain! Instead, set your colander over another large pot to collect all of that precious water. Once the water has cooled, you can use it on your garden or to water your house plants.

Use a bucket when bathing

When you use a bucket, the amount of water that is used is less as compared to when one uses a shower as the water running from the showers tends to be more and besides it could be wasted. With the buckets excess water can be saved and used for other activities such as watering plants.

Save water from washing veggies

Washing veggies uses water that’s totally re-usable. Place your colander over a large pot to collect the water while you’re washing. You can use your collected water on the garden or for flushing the toilet.

Install a greywater system

Grey water is defined as water from showers, baths, hand basins in the bathrooms and washing machines. Water from all these places can be conserved by having a greywater system. e.g, water draining from your laundry can be diverted to flush the toilet. Installing such a system requires plumbing and a little investment, but it’s worth it.

Divert rain water

If it is rainy season, keep a barrel under your roof’s drain, and collect the rain water to water your garden, do the dishes or wash the cars.

Reuse drinking water

If you have water left over in a glass, you can use that water on your plants. You can also use tea without sugar on plants in the garden.

Create a rain garden

A rain garden is an attractive landscaping feature planted with perennial plants such as tomato, onion, basil, etc. It is a bowl-shaped or saucer-shaped garden with deep, loose soil, designed to absorb water run-off from surfaces such as roofs, walkways, driveways and parking lots.

Water recycling methods listed above should prove useful in many households.

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