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Outrage after dog’s carcass dumped at Beachwood Beach

The dog, an adult German shepherd had been wrapped in a black sheet and dumped in the bushes.

SEVERAL Durban North residents have expressed their outrage over the dumping of a dead dog at Beachwood Beach on Friday afternoon. One resident,  Allan Balee, said his friends had witnessed the dumping of the dog’s carcass in the bushes at the top of the beach.

Balee and his friends investigated and found the dog wrapped up in a black sheet.

“My friends confronted the man and he insisted he found the dog lying on the road. He said he was coming to the beach to fish so he decided to dump the body in the bushes at the top of the beach. We didn’t buy the story as we opened the sheet out and found the dog had no visible blood spots or indications he had been hit by a car. It was a beautiful adult German shepherd. We couldn’t believe the callous cruelty shown by people. If your dog dies then it is your responsibility to dispose of the animal by either burying it or cremating it. This is disgusting,” he said.

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Roland Smith, who witnessed the dog being dumped in the bushes said he was shocked by the lack of compassion.

“I saw the legs of the dog as it was being offloaded from the man’s bakkie, and that’s what prompted me to go and ask what is going on. I could tell this was not a roadkill,  this was someone’s pet. The guy claimed he found the dog on the road. He actually asked a guard to place the dog’s carcass about 20 metres into bushes and then he walked away and continued fishing,” Smith said.

Balee and Smith said they had contacted the Durban North SAPS and the Durban & Coast SPCA to remove the dogs carcass, however they were unsuccessful.

Tanya Fleischer, spokesperson for the Durban & Coast SPCA explained that the municipality were responsible for the removal of dead animals.

“The public misconception is that the SPCA is the place to contact for removal of deceased animals, however this is not the case. For removal of deceased animals the public should contact the eThekweni Municipality on 031 311 8809, as this is their responsibility,” she said.


Graphic image below: The photo contains graphic content that some may be find disturbing. 


The Northglen News has blurred the image of the dog dumped in the bushes. PHOTO: Roland Smith
The Northglen News has blurred the image of the dog dumped in the bushes. PHOTO: Roland Smith

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