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Orphaned baby monkey celebrates 6 months at CROW

Noah was found outside a shipping yard abandoned and barely alive.


ONE of the first baby monkeys that arrived at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW), in June 2020, is now a boisterous, lively and playful six-month-old. 

Noah was admitted at the centre last June and is growing by the day and now has an adoptive brother,  Chris whom he wrestles with daily.

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CROW’s communications officer, Alex Kogl said Noah’s prospects were not so good when he first came to CROW.

“At barely a day-old, Noah was found outside a shipping yard abandoned and barely alive. Worse yet, we found out early into his care that he was lactose intolerant and had to moved to a completely dairy free diet of soy milk.”

The little fighter pulled through and half a year later he is an independent boy with a very sweet nature, according to his caretaker Tayla.

Kogl pointed out that “baby season” is a tough time for CROW each year with dozens of baby animals coming through their doors.

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“Noah is one of at least 13 other orphaned baby monkeys at the centre who need round-the-clock care,” said Kogl. 

Anyone who would like to support the work CROW does in taking care of Noah and other animals like him, can make a donation.

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