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Department of education sets record straight on teachers who are not vaccinated

The department had strongly recommended that education sector personnel should get vaccinated, but “at no stage did DBE seek to compel employees to be vaccinated”.

THE Department of Basic Education (DBE) has disputed misleading reports and misinformation regarding the circular it distributed last week on educators who are not vaccinated.

Department spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga said media reports from a Johannesburg publication reporting “the ‘no jab, no job’ narrative had created confusion and fear among educators.

Mhlanga said the department is also aware that an extract from the seven-page circular has been shared on social media platforms resulting in unnecessary anxiety and panic among teachers who did not go for their vaccination.

He said that at the close of the vaccination programme in the sector, more than 517 000 education personnel, out of 582 000, had received their vaccines.

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“Others could not get vaccinated because of various reasons including illness, Covid-19 positive cases, flu vaccines and hesitancy. When schools reopened last week for principals and management teams, the department issued a circular to assist in managing cases where some teachers did not vaccinate.

“The purpose of Circular 4 of 2021, dated July 23, and signed by the Director-General, Mathanzima Mweli, was to provide guidance regarding the operational requirements for educators employed in terms of the Employment of Educators Act of 1998 following the implementation of the Basic Education Sector Covid-19 Vaccination Programme. The circular also serves as a guide to managing vulnerable employees in the context of the current pandemic,” Mhlanga explained.

He said the department has strongly recommended that education sector personnel should get vaccinated, but “at no stage did DBE seek to compel employees to be vaccinated”.

“In fact in the circular the department says that it respects the rights of educators who opt not to be vaccinated on constitutional, religious, cultural, comorbidity or medical grounds,” Mhlanga said.

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He noted that educators who have taken the vaccine or opted not to and are concerned about their comorbidity or medical condition/illness, should apply to the relevant Provincial Education Department for leave.


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