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uMhlanga Beach toilets in shoddy condition

Tourism has taken a massive knock in the area.

BROKEN locks and doors, missing tiles, and no toilet paper and hand soap are some of the ongoing complaints Ward 35 councillor Nicole Bollman receives about the ablution facilities on uMhlanga Beach.

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Speaking to Northglen News, Bollman said, although much of the cleaning and greening is overseen by the UIP, it was unacceptable that the City had turned a blind eye to these complaints, especially since the beach is located in one of the city’s most locally and internationally recognised tourist destinations.

A door was removed off the hinges from one of the toilet stables.

“Mostly the lady’s ablutions have been vandalised, leaving toilets and showers without doors and taps that do not work. There are also tiles missing from the walls, doors missing from the rooms, no toilet paper or hand soap. The list goes on,” she said.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and constant sewage spills, tourism has taken a massive knock over the last three years.

“It’s important to ensure that our beaches and their facilities are kept clean and neat so that tourists come to our shores. This will also enable uMhlanga beaches will be placed back on the Blue Flag status map,” she said.

Tiles were removed from the wall.

In a report that Bollman submitted to the City, she suggested that turnstile doors be installed in an attempt to stop thieves from removing items from the toilets.

She added that according to the Blue Flag Beach Criteria – WESSA 2020, ablutions should have toilet or restroom facilities equipped with washbasins, soap, and clean towels (paper or cloth) or a hand dryer.

“uMhlanga is the jewel of eThekwini’s crown, housing 2 143 residential properties and a place of employment to 221 businesses. Durbanites as well as local and international tourists love it here. If we don’t keep to an international standard, how are we going to still attract people and investors to the area?” she asked.

A number of questions were sent to eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela for comment, however, they were ignored.

Msawakhe responded with the following statement: “Clamping down on vandalism is the responsibility of everyone, and the City cannot afford to deploy a security guard for every toilet. You also have a responsibility of educating the public about the consequences of this unlawful conduct as opposed to expecting the City to instantly attend to every property that has been vandalised.”


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