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‘Search and seize’ conducted in Greenwood Park schools

Heads of schools are pleased with the crime-prevention strategy as it ensures the safety of the scholars, educators and schools in the area.

GREENWOOD Park SAPS, Metro Police and the Department of Education have joined forces to ensure that local schools in the area remain a safe environment for both learners and educators.

Greenwood Park SAPS spokesperson Constable Zenzele Chonco said a two-part plan had been initiated which includes random searches and creating awareness on various topics.

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“We will carry out these operations throughout the year. This initiative has already taken place at two high schools in the area. Principals have been very cooperative,” he said.

He added that the ‘search and seize’ was conducted under professional supervision and that school heads are pleased with the operation as these crime-prevention strategies will make their environment conducive to and safe for the culture of learning and teaching.

“Through this partnership, all schools in our area have been linked to our station. Currently, school safety plans are being drafted. The plan is to search learners and school property for any illegal substances and dangerous weapons,” said Chonco.

“Serious safety issues in schools can only be solved through collaboration with all stakeholders. Such partnership must include the buy-in of parents, outline the scope of the search, and spell out the consequences for the guilty parties,” he added.

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