Local cricketer shares his love for cricket and the youth

Talented cricket coach Husain Essop is passionate about taking local cricket to greater heights.

Husain’s journey began with a profound love of the game at the age of seven.

“I always had a passion for cricket because my older brother Zain was my role model growing up and he was a great cricket player,” he said

He put a lot of discipline and dedication in the game and was eventually awarded the position of head boy for sports at Newcastle High School as well making it in the U13, u15 and U19 KZN Inland teams.

As well as being a skilled lawyer, Husain is now using his talent to empower local boys through cricket.

Currently, he splits his time on the field between representing Newcastle as a part of the KZN Inland Premier League and coaching the Scampions, a cricket academy he founded in 2016.

The Scampions Academy offers individual one-on-one coaching and group sessions for children from five to 18 years old, to facilitate children’s process of attaining new skills and testing those skills among their peers.

“The academy is all about shaping well-rounded individuals, instilling discipline, teamwork and resilience in every player,” he said.

The Scampions Cricket Academy requests any assistance in funding or sponsorships from businesses.

For queries, contact Hussain Essop on 067 868 3886 or

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