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The most connected real estate portal on the African continent

Private Property South Africa (PPSA) is a leading real estate business which has mastered the art of reaching diverse consumer markets through its web and social media platforms.

Private Property South Africa (PPSA) is the most connected real estate portal in Africa, reaching millions of users every day across its web and social media platforms.

According to Tracey Lee Miller, Brand & Marketing Executive at Private Property, since the implementation of Private Property’s new social media strategy in February 2020, the brand has achieved tremendous success.

“From our website to our social media platforms, we boast the biggest ecosystem of property enthusiasts in the South African marketplace,” says Miller.

Top 10 social media milestones

Over the last year, Private Property has achieved many major milestones.

1. PPSA reached over one million followers.

2. PPSA made half a billion memorable social media impressions.

3. PPSA engaged with 1 in 10 South Africans between the ages of 20 and 40, reaching approximately 10% of South Africa’s entire economically active population.

4. PPSA ranked amongst the top 3 brands on Facebook by number of interactions (Feb 2020) achieving over 91K engagements – just shy of Netflix.

5. PPSA website sessions more than doubled, attracting more people to the Private Property website than ever before. Approximately 1 in 4 website visitors now come from social media.

6. PPSA established itself as a prolific content producer, releasing over 400 weekly content pieces – more than any other brand in the industry.

7. On Facebook, PPSA acquired and engaged with more people than ever before. “We are committed to creating content that resonates with our followers,” says Miller. Organic impressions increased by 1359%, engagement increased by 791% to 36 million, and the number of link clicks increased by 685%.

8. On Instagram, PPSA’s net follower count grew by almost 600%. Content was viewed over 30 million times and engagement rates increased more than tenfold.

9. Subscribers to PPSA’s YouTube channel more than doubled from 20 000 to 50 000.

10. PPSA acquired a number of social media ‘superfans’. “These are people who choose and recommend Private Property not just for the services we offer, but because they’ve seen in us the values they hold dear,” concludes Miller.

Social media shows

Private Property hosts several flagship shows on social media, providing information, tools, and inspiration to aspiring homeowners and investors. These shows attract an impressive daily audience and have been instrumental in the brand’s growing success.

  • The Private Property Podcast provides valuable information on how to buy sell, rent and invest in property in South Africa.
  • The First Time Home Buyer show assists novice buyers on their journey to homeownership, with inspiring stories and lessons.
  • The Farming Podcast provides practical support for modern farming.
  • The Home Shopper Show provides a live walkthrough of the most spectacular properties for sale in South Africa.
  • The Show House presents a virtual tour of ten properties for sale in under ten minutes.

Social media advertising

The extent of Private Property’s reach has presented multiple opportunities for property agents and sellers.

At the virtual Real Estate Industry Summit last week, Private Property announced the launch of their new instant ad platform, SalesFloods, which allows property sellers to reach millions of individual users through the brand’s combined digital presence.

“SalesFloods presents a mind-blowing opportunity to advertise your properties beyond the borders of the Private Property website,” says Miller.

“When advertising your properties on our social media platforms, PPSA will target your listings to the exact audience you’d like to rent or sell to, helping estate agents and sellers generate high-quality leads of a whole new level,” concludes Miller.

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