NWU-MUSICA choral festival celebrates local talent with “Harmony in Chaos” theme

The NWU-MUSICA choral festival in Potchefstroom took place on May 17, celebrating the talent of local choirs.

The NWU-MUSICA choral festival, one of the longest-running choir events in Potchefstroom, showcased its annual celebration of local talent on Friday, 17 May. Originating in the previous century, this festival continues to be a significant platform for choirs to exhibit their musical prowess.
This year’s MUSICA featured performances from an array of choirs, including the NWU Serenaders, ML Fick Senior Choir, Ferdinand Postma High School Choir, North West Children’s Choir, and the NWU PUK Choir. Held at the Weet-en-Sweet examination hall on the NWU Potchefstroom campus, the event highlighted the rich vocal talents within the community.

Though MUSICA does not adhere to a specific theme, the NWU PUK Choir adopted “Harmony in Chaos” as their guiding motif for the year. This theme reflects the various forms of chaos affecting our world and country today, suggesting that choral music can offer listeners a sense of peace and escape from their worldly concerns.
Organized by the student management of the NWU PUK Choir under the leadership of Beate Coetzee, the festival stood out for the atmosphere of appreciation created by the audience. “What made this year’s MUSICA different was the palpable sense of appreciation from the audience. Their enthusiastic applause for each choir was incredibly meaningful for the performers, who work tirelessly to present their music,” said Kobus Venter. He also noted a cherished tradition where former members of the NWU PUK Choir were invited to the stage to sing Gawie Cillié’s “Magaliesburgse Aandlied,” a highlight that delighted many alumni in attendance.

Following the choral festivities, the NWU Symphony Orchestra held their concert on Saturday, 18 May, organized by NWU Arts and the NWU Symphony Orchestra. André Oosthuizen, representing the organizers, mentioned that the Symphony Orchestra hosts around three concerts annually, each featuring different pieces and themes. This year’s theme was “Chronicles,” attracting members of the greater Potchefstroom public and university community, all eager to experience the diverse musical narratives presented.
Both events underscored NWU’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating artistic talent within its community, providing memorable experiences for both performers and audiences alike.


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