Six tips to cut your wedding costs… and still make it fab!

A small, intimate wedding can be meaningful, memorable and debt-free.

They say your wedding is the most important day of your life, but once you enter the world of wedding planning, you can easily be tempted to have it all… and be left with nothing in your savings.

We know a wedding will leave you with wonderful memories, but what happens when life returns to the everyday routine and you face a clutch of bills that need to be paid.

Is that really the best way to begin married life? Do you really need a R20 000 wedding dress and bespoke tux, worn once then gathering moths? An unwelcome reminder of decisions made hastily and at a high cost.

A 2019 survey found money problems as one of the ‘top 10’ reasons for divorce. It’s sad to think that the financial seeds that destroy marriages could have started the day people tied the knot.

To help you have a magical wedding, without plunging yourself into debt, follow these savvy saving tips from Old Mutual

  1. Reduce the guest numbers by inviting the people you really want to celebrate with, instead of feeling obliged to invite everyone you know. 
  2. Wedding planners and venues love late afternoon and evening weddings because they involve more costs. Schedule the nuptials earlier, the arrangements are more straightforward, and catering costs go down. Even choosing to get married on a Friday or Sunday will save money.
  3. Save 15% or more on the bill by moving the happy event from the peak wedding season to a quieter time. An informal ceremony and a ‘wedding tea’ can be as memorable as dinner.
  4. The simpler the venue, the lower the cost. Having to do some of the décor work means that your hard-earned cash isn’t going to pay for fancy fittings, servers and bartenders. Remember, simple is also tasteful and a little imagination can stretch a budget.  
  5. Opt to hire outfits, which is cheaper. Designer gowns and suits can set you back thousands of rands. 
  6. Shop around for photographers – you’ll be surprised how different the quotes will be.

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