Gcina Ntsaluba
2 minute read
22 Jan 2020
6:40 am

Sewing circle at Soweto school enhances social fabric

Gcina Ntsaluba

Thabang Primary School chair Shadi Mogole teaches unemployed moms to sew school uniforms, thereby teaching them a skill that helps put food on the table.

Shadi Mogole, left, chairperson of the Thabang Primary School teaches unemployed mothers at the school how to sew, Thabang Primary School, Soweto, 21 January 2020. The women sew school uniforms which are then sold to parents as part of fundraising for the school. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

A group of innovative school governing body members in Soweto are fighting the scourge of poverty by upskilling unemployed mothers from the community to produce uniforms for the school’s children. Thabang Primary School chair Shadi Mogole said their aim was to produce uniforms, tracksuits and sportswear for the pupils at the Dobsonville school and other schools nearby, while tackling the unemployment crisis head-on. Mogole said with the high rate of unemployment in her community, she felt the confidence and participation of parents in school-related matters was at an all-time low. She explained that what started off as a beading workshop...