3 minute read
7 Feb 2020
6:38 am

Anti-poaching efforts of Mozambique’s Anac pay handsome dividends


Their creative, persistent efforts to change the way people think about ecosystems, endangered species and poaching is an example to many African countries.

Photo for illustration. South African Defence Force members patrol the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park, which borders on Mozambique, 5 February 2020. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

The eastern boundary between the Kruger National Park and Mozambique has the most stable rhino population in Mozambique. The endangered species can finally breed and thrive, thanks to the anti-poaching efforts of the Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação (Anac), the region’s conservation organisation. But this did not happen overnight. Anac’s director Dr Carlos Pereira has successfully helped the organisation tackle various issues associated with the plight of poaching. These include liaising with law enforcement and prosecution bodies, ensuring that education and awareness is spread, and helping uplift communities in areas where poaching is rife. And the results are palpable....