Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
6 minute read
17 Jul 2020
2:42 pm

Government ‘playing with fire’ by refusing to scrap canned lion hunting

Nica Richards

The Citizen spoke to Unfair Game author Lord Ashcroft about his views on how South Africa must urgently halt the continuation of canned lion hunting and trade, and other wildlife crime syndicates.

Zanchieta still poses as a wildlife rehabilitation and sanctuary, but failed to disclose in its papers and volunteer brochures that the facility acts as a nurse for cubs brought in by neighbouring breeders to be hand-raised, before being allegedly relocated into reserves. Image for illustration: Pippa Hankinson/Blood Lions

A book detailing damning evidence of the detrimental consequences of canned lion hunting and trade has been submitted to Environment Minister Barbara Creecy’s high-level panel of experts currently debating the future of captive-bred lions.  Unfair Game, written by British businessman, philanthropist, author and pollster, Lord Ashcroft hit local bookshelves on 16 July.  It’s contents describe two covert operations carried out by British ex-Special Forces servicemen and undercover reporters from Humane Society International, providing exclusive and disturbing accounts of the sinister inner workings of canned lion breeding, hunting and trade.  The Citizen spoke to Ashcroft about his views on how South Africa...