Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
8 minute read
25 Jul 2020
5:15 am

Rivonia trial: Legal eagles who fought the brave fight

Bernadette Wicks

After defending the Rivonia accused, Arthur Chaskalson went on to help found the Legal Resources Centre (LRC) and became the first president of the Constitutional Court after the advent of democracy.

George Bizos during the #WalkTogether fo Mandela day event held at Constitutional Hill in Braamfontein, 18 July 2018. Picture: Neil McCartney

Lord Joel Joffe Joel Joffe was the instructing attorney for the Rivonia Trial accused. After the trial, he moved to the United Kingdom, where he worked in the financial services sector. In 2000, he became a member of the British House of Lords. He died in 2017, aged 85. In a letter from the accused, dated 11 May, 1964, they described Joffe as “the general behind the scenes of our defence”. “He has managed and marshalled this most complex case with understanding and skill. His judgment of the strength of our case, and of its weaknesses, has been keen and...