Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
3 minute read
20 Aug 2020
8:04 pm

WATCH: Sisters-in-arms share love for shooting this Women’s Month

Bernadette Wicks

To women who might be wary of handling firearms, Anika Rossle suggests researching and speaking to female gun owners.

Anika Rossle shoots at the Girls on Fire club shooting as part of a campaign for women's month around women empowering themselves and using firearms, Florida, 20 August 2020. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

With a build and cheekbones that wouldn’t be out of place on a catwalk, Antoinette Brighton might not be who one would expect to run into at a shooting range. But gun in hand, eyes fixed on the target - she is in her element. One of a growing number of women warming to the idea of learning how to use a gun, Brighton’s interest in shooting was sparked after she got a job at a local firearm dealer. As a domestic abuse survivor, she says owning a gun has helped her feel safer. Brighton is part of Gun Owners...