Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
30 Jan 2021
5:10 am

0% alcohol limit for motorists might prove problematic

Amanda Watson

Tiny amounts of alcohol in bread, mouthwash and cough mixtures will show up.

Picture: iStock.

With the announcement of a pending 0% blood alcohol level for all drivers of motor vehicles, the question is if the absolute level is achievable, “Not really,” said Rhys Evans, director of Alco-Safe, a national supplier of breathalysers to the law enforcement community. “In principle, I 100% support having only sober drivers on the road and a 0% limit. Scientifically and logistically, I don’t see how a 0% limit can be enforced without creating problems for officers and motorists.” Evans said blood alcohol limits were very similar to speed limits. “If you have them and don’t enforce them they will...