Rudolph Jacobs
Rugby Journalist
2 minute read
6 Feb 2021
7:00 am

Looking back: Right ticks for the Bulls and Sharks; not so for the Lions, WP

Rudolph Jacobs

Following the completion of the Currie Cup, it's "post-mortem" time in local rugby, so just how did the teams rate at the end of it?

Centre Cornal Hendricks of the Bulls celebrates his team's victory in the Carling Currie Cup final against the Sharks last weekend. Picture: Getty Images

In a Covid-changed world, this is the time that our top teams are reflecting and doing their "post-mortems" following the completion of the Currie Cup competition last weekend. The Bulls, no doubt, will enjoy a most favourable review and if social media is any indication they are still celebrating their Currie Cup win of last week, and so they should. But even they need a rest after one of the most bizarre seasons in our history. It's not long now and they'll be back in "pre-season" - at a time when normally in the past they'd be playing in the...