Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
3 minute read
27 Feb 2021
8:25 am

VW Polo Vivo Mswenko has heaps of swagger

Andre De Kock

Attractive styling makes Volkswagen’s ever-popular hatch back more appealing.

VW Polo Vivo Msenko

Signs do not always mean what they say, and neither do the covers of books. Point in case – hotel and office elevators all have signs saying “Seven People Only”. That is nuts – have you ever tried persuading six other people to ride in an elevator with you? They get worried – the men think you want to rob them, and the women are convinced you want to molest them. Hence, this writer has rather walked up many, many staircases over the years – and I am getting too old for that. Then ... books. Years ago, when I...