2 minute read
9 Mar 2021
10:07 am

Bully government is pushing its citizens too far


We are already in the midst of a highly successful tax boycott – the refusal of millions of Gauteng motorists to pay e-tolls.

An e-toll gantry is seen along the N1 near Roodepoort, 28 February 2021. Picture: Michel Bega

The concept of a “tax revolt” has been a topic of debate for a few years now as people become increasingly angered by the ANC government’s cadres’ seemingly limitless capacity for looting the resources of the state. Opponents have, quite correctly, pointed out that a full-scale boycott of tax payments would be impossible to get off the ground. That’s because many employed people are “taxed at source” by their employers by way of pay as you earn (PAYE) taxation. And, of course, the SA Revenue Service is able to call on an arsenal of weapons to tackle tax evaders (which...