Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
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14 Apr 2021
5:20 am

Mkhondo farm killings: What really happened?

Sipho Mabena

Allegedly one of the deceased hit a farmer on the head with a pipe, the force of which sent him falling to the ground and his pistol fell out of his holster.

Picture for illustration purposes. Brothers Zenzele and Amos Coka were killed after an altercation in Pampoenkraal, in Mpumalanga, on 9 April. Picture: Michel Bega

  Another version of events in the Mpumalanga farm shooting has emerged: that it was sparked by one of the deceased picking up a pistol that had fallen off a farmer during a scuffle and started shooting. According to police, the deceased brothers Mgcini Coko, 36, and Zenzele Coko, 39, were at Pampoenkraal Farm at Dirkieskop, Mkhondo, last week as part of a group who had gone to ask for seasonal work. The group was apparently told to leave but realised as they left that one of them was missing and they returned to the farm to find him held...