Jim Freeman
7 minute read
19 Jul 2021
1:44 pm

Cliff-hanging tales: the lions that came to dinner

Jim Freeman

The lions popped round on the second evening. By that time I was so chilled, you could have wiped my bum with a puff adder

Lions by the hot tub. Picture: Jim Freeman

I’d just lit the fire and was rueing the restrictions that forbade me having a glass of wine in my hand when I heard a leonine grunt not too far away. I looked up and spotted two young lions, a male and female, ambling across the veld in my direction. They weren’t stalking me – one of the first things I noticed was their bulging bellies – so the assumption was they were curious and checking out a strange structure that had popped up on their landscape. The sub-adult siblings checked out the premises thoroughly, the male particularly interested in...