Asanda Matlhare
Intern Journalist
2 minute read
6 Sep 2021
6:46 am

Booze bumble bubbles over with zero tolerance

Asanda Matlhare

'Misinterpreted' Heineken non-alcoholic beer campaign met with criticism.

Picture: iStock

The “Take a Beer to Work Day” promoted by Heineken has left many concerned over its ethics and legality in a country fraught with alcohol abuse, despite the beer being “non-alcoholic”. The Citizen understands pupils were caught bringing the beer to a school on the day, which despite its 0.0% alcohol rating is not for sale to minors. Marketing, communications and reputation strategist Clive Simpkins was shocked that a company would risk its image and reputation, even with a non-alcoholic beer. “In SA, we all too often take an approach of, ‘It’s easier to say sorry than ask for permission.’...