William Saunderson-Meyer
3 minute read
18 Sep 2021
5:01 am

November elections are the opposition’s best chance in 27 years

William Saunderson-Meyer

There are probably only three ways that South Africa can survive as a modern, mixed economy, nonracial democracy.

Picture for illustration: Neil McCartney

Either the ANC will reform itself and retain power, or it will implode and possibly have to share power, or it will be voted out and lose power. The first option is the least likely. It was always somewhat far-fetched to believe that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government could root out cadre corruption, repair hollowed-out state institutions and move rapidly to install a pro-growth economic framework. The pushback from within a party that increasingly resembles a criminal mafia is just too strong. If the ANC is incapable of reform, the question is whether the tensions between the reformists and the radical...