Hagen Engler
3 minute read
10 Oct 2021
7:00 am

Investing in a good smile is shaping the teeth of destiny

Hagen Engler

It’s all very well trying to believe in yourself, but if you don’t believe in your teeth, you’re going to battle.

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This week, I shelled out multiple thousands of Rands to an extremely polite orthodontist in Rosebank, whose face I never got around to seeing. Let alone his teeth. These days, you hardly see anyone’s face, but I couldn’t help thinking that when your outlay hits four or five figures, you should be entitled to at least a quick viewing of your supplier’s lower face. That was not to be, although issues with the lower face were exactly what got us into that situation in the first place. My lovely child’s jaw is apparently too small to accommodate her emerging teeth,...