Dirk Lotriet
2 minute read
15 Oct 2021
5:01 am

We have a role to play in government, too

Dirk Lotriet

We have to stay involved. We have to hold our local governments accountable.

Photo: Twitter/@IECSouthAfrica

I’ve finally decided which party I’m going to vote for in the coming election,” the lovely Snapdragon told me this week. “I’m supporting Herman Mashaba.” I don’t think I have ever voted for the same party as Snapdragon, but I find Mashaba to be a fascinating option. I love the fairy tale of a poor boy struggling against poverty and apartheid. A man who beat the odds to become a successful millionaire businessman and the mayor of the most economically advanced city in Africa. Like me, Mashaba is a libertarian who values individual freedom. I can’t fault his party’s aims:...