Hagen Engler
4 minute read
24 Oct 2021
10:45 am

Charcuterie, Patson Daka, and the beginning of a football love affair

Hagen Engler

Watching a man find his football team is like watching the beginning of a beautiful love affair, writes Hagen Engler.

Patson Daka scored five goals for Zambia in the qualifying campaign (Photo by SALIM DAWOOD / AFP)

I was thrilled to witness an almost sacred moment this week: the finding of a football team! We’ve spoken before about the mysterious and magical ways in which we discover our true allegiance. Sometimes we inherit our team from our parents, or because of the town where we were born. At other times, it takes a special moment, an experience, or an insight for us to understand which team resonates with us. It’s about ourselves as much as the team. For instance, I was simply not ready to understand that I was a Chelsea fan, until that evening at the...