Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
6 Nov 2021
6:00 am

‘Real men’, it’s up to you, not women

Carine Hartman

The message is simple: no is no. Always.

National crime wrap Picture: iStock

"Blue marguerita,” the tiny voice tells me on Saturday as the sun goes down – and I go cold. That’s our codeword we decided on hardly a week ago for “I’m in trouble” with some dick (excuse the pun) who doesn’t know his zippered place. “Just answer yes or no. Are you safe?” “No.” He is with her, I realise. The “Are you home? In a pub? Do you know him?” all got a “no” – and I hear a lot of “blue margueritas”. Ten minutes later I know she’s sitting at a sidewalk table in a “cute” restaurant, having...