Hagen Engler
4 minute read
26 Dec 2021
10:17 am

#FameVsClout: A low point for humanity, and the best entertainment in ages!

Hagen Engler

The #FameVsClout fight was a horrific, train smash of chaos, and also the most entertaining thing since Spider-Man, writes Hagen Engler.

Cassper Nyovest's fight against podcaster Slik Talk was watched at one point by over 100,000 people live on YouTube. Picture: Instagram

I’ve been feeling strange, and I’ve only now been able to put my finger on why that is. It’s because I watched that blasted #FameVsClout boxing match! This bizarre event – a boxing match to settle some beef between YouTuber Slik Talk and rapper Cassper Nyovest – confirmed some of the basest trends afoot in our society. Foremost among these was the uncoupling of production values as a prerequisite for successful entertainment. Also Read: Cassper Nyovest delivers a R100K beating, asks ‘who’s crying now?’ In principle, this is quite noble. If we don’t need expensive, glossy productions, then content becomes...