Alan Sassoon
4 minute read
14 Jan 2022
4:45 am

Israel commits to peace, but won’t stand and watch its citizens killed

Alan Sassoon

Attempted murder deserves an appropriate response from a government that is protecting its citizens.

Israeli soldiers stand between settlers and Palestinian residents of the West Bank village of Burqah on 17 December 2021 after reported attacks by Israeli settlers on the village. Photo: JAAFAR ASHTIYEH / AFP

I read with consternation the blatantly biased article by LeeAnne Germanos in The Citizen (29 December, 2021). There has been an uninterrupted Jewish presence in Jerusalem since biblical times. Over the past 120 years, Jews worldwide purchased land from willing Arab sellers in what was Palestine. In 1947, the UN passed a resolution that Israel would be a Jewish homeland adjacent to the Arab land. The Arab world rejected this and in 1948, they attacked the new state with the openly stated objective of destroying the Jewish state and driving its citizens into the sea. Genocide and the theft of...