Mojalefa Mashego
3 minute read
21 Feb 2022
4:40 am

Operation Dudula bears the hallmarks of an impending disaster

Mojalefa Mashego

The problem is our porous borders and lack of law enforcement.

Picture File: Members of the anti-foreigners movement called "Operation Dudula" gathered at a park in Hillbrow before marching to shops employing foreign nationals that subsequently closed their shops, Johannesburg, February 19, 2022. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Hawkers plying their trade at the Bara taxi rank in Soweto are slowly trickling back after being forcibly removed a few weeks ago by people who say they are “fixing” South Africa by ridding the country of “illegal” or undocumented migrants and drug dealers. Operation Dudula Going by the ominous name of “Operation Dudula”, which in Zulu means “to drive/ push back” or “to beat back”, the emotionally charged action saw traders chased from their stalls at the rank and elsewhere in Soweto, Hillbrow and other areas around Joburg. The trouble with this is that it pits locals against foreigners...