Editorial staff
2 minute read
9 Apr 2022
6:46 am

Pro-Russia bias is tainting SA’s image

Editorial staff

President Cyril Ramaphosa made a big public show of phoning Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The board showing the passage of the resolution during a UN General Assembly vote on a draft resolution seeking to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council in New York City on 7 April 2022. Picture: AFP / Timothy A. Clark

Cluster munitions, particularly when used against soft-skinned targets – like living, breathing, human beings – are a particularly inhuman way of waging war. A nation which uses them against civilians should not expect to retain its seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Not in the eyes of South Africa, though. ALSO READ: Ukraine war has exposed inability of UN to maintain international peace & security – Ramaphosa Even as the body count from an alleged Russian rocket-delivered cluster bomb attack on a train station in Eastern Ukraine was mounting on Friday – Moscow denied responsibility – our foreign...