Editorial staff
1 minute read
10 Jun 2022
7:01 am

Irish joke is on clueless Ryanair

Editorial staff

What Ryanair seems not to know is that, to get into Britain, or anywhere in the European Union, for example, you need to produce a visa.

CEO of the low coast aireline Ryanair Michael O’ Leary during a press conference in London, on 2 March 2022. Photo: AFP/Tolga Akmen

Here’s an Irish joke for you: What whines self-righteously as it flies into clouds of controversy? Answer: Ryanair lugdiens (translation for those in Dublin: Ryanair airline). The Irish airline is still pursuing its idiotic decision to “screen” all South African passport-holders getting on its flights by forcing them to answer a general knowledge quiz about South Africa – in Afrikaans. It claims this is because so many South Africans are travelling on “fake” passports to and from the UK that they need to do this to stop themselves being fined by authorities in Britain. Not surprisingly, the British authorities, as...