Isaac Mashaba
4 minute read
17 Jun 2022
7:22 am

South Africa governed by a thieving kakistocracy

Isaac Mashaba

Country produces politicians in name only, not leaders.

Our unruly parliamentary sittings are an embarrassment and also destructive and divisive. Picture: Gallo Images/Jeffrey Abrahams

We continually have to listen to our government placate us with words such as “democracy”, “progress” and “upliftment”, yet we don’t see these words being put into action. In fact, we experience the opposite, despite supposedly having a government that is “from the people, for the people” and it is apparently known as “democracy”. Politicians tell us, “the people”, what we must do for them when, instead, we should be telling them what they must do for us. It is us, the people, who gave them our vote as a token of our faith in the words they so easily...