Editorial staff
1 minute read
18 Jun 2022
5:45 am

A 24-hour workday for Joburg is wishful thinking

Editorial staff

It would be far more effective if the authorities concentrated on getting the basics right.

Aerial view of Johannesburg CBD in South Africa. Picture: iStock

One thing we South Africans can do especially well – particularly when all is crumbling around us – is come up with pie-in-the-sky schemes. One being discussed at the moment is to turn Joburg into a “24-hour city” – where government, municipal and other services would be available around the clock. The theory is that this will make life much easier for citizens and improve service delivery. Certainly, there would be one sector of the community eager to get involved: criminals could now target offices and businesses 24-hours a day, seven days a week. ALSO READ: Joburg customers may get...