Editorial staff
2 minute read
5 Aug 2022
5:55 am

Civil servants need to up their game

Editorial staff

The condition of medical facilities – which should, in theory be spotlessly hygienic – is often a disgrace.

General pictures of the Edenvale Hospital on 28 January 2021. Picture: Neil McCartney

Playwright Arthur Miller once defined a good newspaper as “a nation talking to itself” and while we leave you, the reader, to decide whether we fit into that category, we certainly try to engage in the sort of conversations with our audience which reflect the lives, and concerns, of ordinary South Africans. And one of the topics which regularly comes up in the conversations of ordinary people is the slow implosion of our state health services. ALSO READ: Edenvale Hospital ‘improvements’ putting a bandaid on a dire facility Our government hospitals and clinics are often overcrowded, under-resourced and patients, sometimes at...