Limited edition of delish doughnuts

These are only available until April 3 … so don’t dilly dally.

We never say no to a Krispy Kreme treat. But they’ve outdone themselves this time .. with the launch of a limited edition Lotus Biscoff range. And it is, we promise, completely irresistible.

There’s a trio to choose from …

The Caramelised Spread and Choc Kreme is a glazed ring, hand-dipped in Lotus Biscoff Spread then topped with chocolate kreme, choc biscuits and Lotus Biscoff Krumble.

The Caramelised Spread and Kreme is an unglazed shell filled with Lotus Biscoff Kreme. It’s hand-dipped in Lotus Biscoff Spread, drizzled with chocolate dip and topped with choc biscuits and Lotus Biscoff Krumble

And lastly, not to be cheesy but the Caramelised Cheesecake Filled doughnut is dough-lightful … an unglazed ring filled with a Lotus Biscoff cheesecake filling. It’s hand-dipped in a cream cheese choc dip then, topped with Lotus Biscoff Krumble on the edges, and finished off with a Lotus Biscoff Biscuit.

And the deliciousness doesn’t stop there!

The Lotus Biscoff Kremey Chiller is amazine! The White Choc with Lotus spread blend is drizzled with Lotus Biscoff spread and finished off with fresh cream and Lotus Biscoff Krumble. It’s a must-try treat – only available in stores, while the doughnuts are available for delivery, too.

These are only available until April 3 … so don’t dilly dally.

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