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Teacher attacked and kicked by pupil

Another incident of school violence sees a girl pulling her teacher by the hair and kicking her. A case of assault has been opened.

School violence has broken out like a highveld thunderstorm in Pretoria over the past week.

On Monday morning a schoolteacher from Lyttelton Manor Primary School in Centurion was beaten and kicked by a schoolgirl during a test period.

Last week, violence between pupils also erupted at two schools in the north of the city and at a school in the Moot area. The violence resulted in several arrests. In the Lyttelton Primary incident, one of the pupils said that the girl came into the classroom and started beating her teacher while they were writing a maths test.

“She walked into the class and went straight to the teacher, who was sitting at her desk. She grabbed the teacher by her hair and dragged her to the ground. She started kicking the teacher while screaming and cursing at her,” the pupil said.

The pupils helped to get the girl off the teacher. According to Warrant Officer Hero Gumbu, a case of assault has been made against the pupil. Gumbu also said that he had visited the school last week with regard to school violence.

“It happens often at this school,” Gumbu confirmed. The teacher said she was prohibited from giving any comment due to a disciplinary hearing that would take place. The principal of the school was also not available for comment.

In another incident, a pupil from Hoërskool Hendrik Verwoerd was admitted to the Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria on Friday, following an alleged violent fight between the pupils during school hours.

A reliable source told Rekord that a fight broke out between two groups of boys. According to the source, one boy was attacked and thrown on the floor, after which he was repeatedly kicked in the head.

Doctor Pixie du Toit, a forensic criminologist in Pretoria, said these violent assaults could be a result of both exam stress and a lack of discipline at schools.

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  1. And now government wants to make it law that parents aren’t allowed to discipline their children ??

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