How to create a trending teenage pad in your home

Creating a customised space for teenagers will go a long way to keep them happy at home, and out of your hair. 

Usually we start with a baby room, migrate that to a toddler room and then later to a teenage pad. The older children become, the more time they tend to spend in their rooms…and the more important it is for them to personalise their space.

So, what do teenagers want in their space? 

The room makeover includes more mature décor and bedding and the change needs to happen probably from the age of 13. Here are a couple of popular elements to make your teenager’s room a hit:

  • Teenagers often want their bedrooms to incorporate a study area and a living space with seating for friends. 
  • A gaming zone is also welcomed as is an en-suite bathroom. 
  • Access to the outside is another plus. 

The teenager space trend is becoming so important, that property agencies have seen a shift in the housing listing descriptions from standard bedrooms and a family bathroom to customised spaces for teenagers, according to Seeff Property Group. And your teenagers will approve whole-heartedly and expect you to keep up with the trend. 

 But what do you do if your house only has standard bedrooms?   

  1. The first and most obvious option is to enlarge the room with a building extension. This will require a professionally drawn-up plan and local municipality approval. When doing this, you could, for example, add on a shower room and turn it into a suite. 
  2. Another idea might be to convert an existing single or double garage into a teenage pad and build a new garage or carport in its place. Generally, a garage conversion will also require a building plan and local municipal approval. 
  3. If you are unable to enlarge the room or add on, you could consider reconfiguring the room. One interesting space-saving trend is to have a custom-built bed made which is raised (similar to the top bunk concept) and then create a study and chill area in the space below. 


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