Gr 12’s: English as easy as A, B and C

Gr.12 Eagle's Nest Christian School learners wrote their English home language examination on Monday.

POLOKWANE – Gr.12 Eagle’s Nest Christian School learners wrote their English home language examination on Monday.

They shared with Review how they fared in the paper and how they would approach preparations for the rest of the examinations.

“The English paper was quite easy for me. The fact that we had some challenging excercises in class prior to the examination helped. One of the questions we had in a test came up in the examination, so that was an easy three points scored,” said Lindani Mbedzi.

She said she was ready for the other examinations.

Tlangelani Risenga said: “I thought the English home language paper would be tougher than it was. I managed to answer all the questions. All my preparations have so far gone according to plan.”

For Moshe Marota, the English paper was a bit long, but he understood everything that was asked. He said the paper was easier than the preliminary examinations.

“Some of the topics in the English examination were not new to me because we touched on some of them in class. Extra classes as well as group sessions have helped us prepared for the examinations. I expect fair papers and I know I am well prepared.”

Lobo Piema said: “I am rather excited and confident about my English results. The paper was easier than the tests we wrote to prepare for the final examinations. I am ready for the other papers”.

Neo Mashilo said the English paper was nice to write.

“I found it a bit boring at times because we had to write about topics such as environmentalism, which was not my favourite topic. I have enjoyed the preparations so far, although preparing for subjects like mathematics can be a tricky. I look forward to writing life orientation.”

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