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Kulani’s smoothies your solution to everyday wellness

Fresh, organic and healthy, is what you find when you visit the Smoothie Café.

POLOKWANE – Local dietitian Kulani Mtileni recently launched the café which boasts 14 flavours and customers have the option to create their own.

Kulani told BONUS he started the cafe after he noticed a gap in the market and said he has always been fascinated with food and the power it has over the human body.

He has been a dietitian since 2012.

“I noticed that the food recommendations made to some of my patients were difficult for them to get hold of. This is where the idea to start a smoothie café sparked from,” he said. He added that the smoothies he provides have all the vitamins, phyto chemicals (small particles in fruit) and antioxidants that the body needs and said the shortage in the market is mainly due to people creating smoothies for personal use and not for business purposes.

“Smoothies can be used for weight loss, weight gain and for non-health related use. There are no additives, preservatives or sugar in my smoothies which makes it the organic and healthy choice.”

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Kulani said the smoothies can be enjoyed as a snack or light meal and they are jam- packed and filling.

Kulani says he is happy with the progress Smoothie Cafe has made as he was able to employ three employees.

“With the planned expansion, I will hopefully be able to employ more people. I am looking to make this place bigger and also find a spot in the CDB where we will be able to attract more people.” Kulani hopes that in the near future, Smoothie Café will become a franchise.

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The cafe also offers green tea and green salads to promote healthy eating. “Most people assume that one must get sick, before they start to eat healthy. This is a stigma I want to break, along with people who assume healthy eating is expensive.”


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