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Happily back to school for Noordskool’s junior grades

Before returning to school, the learners were skilled in the preventative measures in curbing the spread of Covid-19

POLOKWANE – Laerskool Pietersburg Noord (Noordskool) excitedly welcomed back their Gr 1 to Gr 3 learners on Monday, 15 June for their Covid-19 orientation day. Learners were skilled in the preventative measures put in place to protect them from contracting the virus, before returning to class on Wednesday, 17 June.

Learners were told about the importance of wearing face masks and advised to bring at least two cloth masks to school. They were also told about avoiding touching their faces and how their masks should be washed on a daily basis.  In addition, each of the classes was taught about social distancing and the school divided the grades into two groups, which will alternate on days they attend class. This is to maintain the number of learners in a class as well as social distancing on the playground.

School Principal, Attie Visagie put parents’ minds at ease, assuring them that the school is doing everything in their power to stay safe.

“The Department of Education has given us the go-ahead and we couldn’t wait to see our learners again. We promise all the parents that we will take good care of your children.”

Watch learners enter the premises, below:


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