Videos: Greatest Shoal on Earth wows along SA coast

People along the coast of South Africa are once again being treated to an ocean extravaganza as sardines migrate from the south to the east.

The annual sardine run, often referred to as the ‘Greatest Shoal on Earth’, is in full swing along the South African coast – and makes for some spectacular scenes.

Between May and July, millions of sardines embark on a journey of over 1 000km: From the warm waters of South Africa’s south coast to the subtropical waters of the east coast.

It makes for great scenes as local fishermen and visitors go in their masses to catch or view the sardines – and their predators – as they swim by.

The Facebook page Offshore Africa Port St Johns has posted some breathtaking videos.

One such video shows a sailfish swim by a school of sardines:

Another shows sharks and dolphins trying their luck for a catch of the day:

South Coast Herald also shared some videos of local fishermen getting their nets filled:

Those without nets joined in the action by using their hands to grab a few (unlucky) fish:

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